About the FROZAN FUND.

In April 2019, ECI initiated a new special fund for emergency assistance to families with special needs children who are in a desperate situation. For many families in Afghanistan, particularly those living in poverty, raising a child with special needs can be an overwhelming responsibility, and some in the most desperate situations resort to abandoning their children. The Frozan Fund helps keep families together, and provides immediate assistance while families get back on their own two feet. Funding is used to pay for rent and food, school supplies and clothing, and also to provide small grants for families to invest in income generation.

Who is Frozan?

Frozan Haidari is the housemother at Window of Hope (WoH) private care home, fully funded by ECI. When she was six months old, a rocket hit her home in Kabul, killing the entire family except for Frozan and her grandmother. Though she survived the blast, Frozan became an orphan and amputee in the same night. When Frozan was seven, her grandmother passed away. By the age of ten, Frozan found herself at the private care home, Window of Hope, where she was not only physically cared for, but intellectually and emotionally nurtured. Over time she grew and flourished into adulthood, and eventually became the Housemother at WoH, where she oversees the care of dozens of special needs children.

But Frozan is a humanitarian worker in her own right, using her savings and her spare time to assist families in need in her community. Jani Gul is a single mother who was reunited with her three special needs children after her husband told her he had taken them to a care facility, but instead, had abandoned all three on the streets of Badakhshan. Khatera is a young girl with special needs who desperately needs kidney surgery. The Khudadad children were abandoned by their mother after their father died, and are now being looked after by their grandparents who are both living with a disability. Mrs. Qaderman cares for her thirteen children alone, four of whom are blind, as she is estranged from her husband due to his drug addiction.

Inspired by Frozan’s spirit of giving, ECI has launched the Frozan Fund, which will provide a small amount of funding each month to support these families and others like them. The fund has allowed Khatera and her mother to travel to India for her surgery, provided a 2-month’s supply of food for the Qaderman family, food and clothes for the Khudadad children, a wheelchair for their grandmother, and paid some of the living expenses for Jani Gul and her 3 children. 

If you would like to support this cause, click the link bellow to donate, and be sure to write “Frozan Fund” in the notes section.If you are interested in sponsoring a specific family, please write us at ilaha.omar@enabledchildren.org.

Our Families

Jani Gul Family

A single mother with her three special needs children, Shanaz, Kambiz and Parwiz. Looking for assistance in covering their monthly expenses of $350.

Update May 15, 2019: Three months worth of living expenses have been collected for the Jani Gul Family. We are still looking for a sponsor to continue supporting them.

Sapna Family

A family of five. Father and daughter take to the streets everyday and beg for money. Father is looking for funds to buy a vending cart so family can become self-sustainable.

Update May 15, 2019: A vending cart was purchased for the Sapna family, they are now financially independent and no longer in need of financial support.  

Khudadad Family

Two orphan siblings living with their grandparents. Grandmother is paralyzed and confined to her home. Grandfather is looking for funds to buy a vending cart so they can become self-sustainable.

Update May 15, 2019: Three months of food was purchased for the family along with a wheelchair for the grandmother. We still need to raise $500 to purchase a vending cart.

Khatira Family

Khatira Sawari is a 13 year-old girl who is has been diagnosed with Rental Failure, end-stage kidney disease. She has been undergoing dialysis at Jamuryat Hospital in Kabul. Her mother, Shafika, a single mother who lost her husband in a suicide attack, had to stop working in order to be her daughter’s full-time care taker.

Update May 15, 2019: ECI raised $1000 to cover Khatira immediate medical care.

Update June 3, 2019: Khatira’s conditioned has worsened and her only hope for survival is a kidney transplant. Thankfully, her mother is a donor match and very eager to donate her kidney to her daughter. Due to the poor infrastructure and lack of specialized medical care in Afghanistan, the only hope for Khatira is to travel to India for kidney transplant surgery. The cost of the surgery and post operative care is $20,000. We are now desperately trying to raise funds for Khatira's surgery.

Update July 9, 2019: With are delighted to announce that The Global Gift Foundation has generously donated $20,000 to cover the entire cost of Khatira's kidney transplant surgery and post operative care. Because of their gift, Khatira's life can be saved! Frozan who has organized all of Khatira's medical care will be traveling with Khatira, her mother Shafiqa and aunt to support them while mother and daughter undergo the life-saving surgery. We are asking everyone to keep Khatira in their prayers and we will keep you updated on their journey. Again, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Global Gift Foundation for their compassion and incredible act of kindness.

Mariam Family

Father passed away while his wife was pregnant with their last child, who was born disabled. Single mother with four children and willing to work so her children can go to school. Her 16 year old son works to support the family for 50 afs a month, that's $1 USD.

Update May 15, 2019: A sewing machine was purchased for Mariam's family as a micro-business and they are now self-sufficient.

Ayscha & Kaka Fahim

A family of 14, one special needs child. Father is willing to do anything to put food on the table and provide shelter to his family. He has experience driving a taxi. Family would be completely self-sufficient if they had their own taxi.

Update May 15, 2019: One month of food was purchased for the family. The goal now is to purchase (or lease) a vehicle so Kaka Fahim can work as a taxi driver and generate an income to support their family of 14. The vehicle costs about $6,000 USD.

Qaddermann Family

Mother cares for eleven children, she is estranged from her husband due to his drug addiction. Of her eleven children, four are blind & one needs treatment for kidney stones.

Update May 15, 2019: We have purchased food for their family to last several months.

Zakir Family

Father died of cancer. Single mother working to support 4 children so that they can go to school. One special needs child. Zakir works with his uncle to and currently makes 2800 afs to pay for all family expenses. Family needs financial support for 1-2 years so that the kids can go to school.

Update May 15, 2019: Three months of food was purchased for the family. We still need to raise $500 to purchase a vending cart.

Marwa Family

Single mother with three daughters. Mother suffers for asthma. Their only source of income is washing clothes for their community. Their monthly expenses are $150 which include paying for sewing classes for the girls.

Update May 15, 2019: We have purchased three months of food for the family. We are now looking for someone to sponsor them for the following three months until the girls complete their sewing program and can begin to work. Total funds needed is $450.

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