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Mirza gul family featured in time magazine

Earlier this year, ECI started a fund for seven children from the same extended family in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan who had suffered multiple amputations from a landmine in their yard. At the family's request, ECI used the funds to hire a teacher and pay for school supplies so the children would be able to continue their education. 


This week, photojournalist Andrew Quilty recounts the children's recovery in a photo essay for Time magazine which made the cover story of the international edition. In the article, the family emphasized the importance of the children's continued education.

An excerpt from the article: "Their recovery continued into the fall, and settled into a routine. They studied together in the mornings and played outside in the afternoons. The children realize now their education is more important than ever. 'There is certain work we can’t do now,' Abdul Rashid told TIME. Hamisha Gul put it more bluntly: 'Without education, they are nothing.'”

ECI thanks the Lamia Afghan Foundation, the Kabul Orthopedic Organization and ICRC for providing for the children's medical care. 

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