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Partnership Between ECI and Arian Teleheal

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ECI is delighted to announce its partnership with Teleheal. The partnership was initiated when Dr. Waheed Arian, founder of Arian Teleheal, and ECI founder Lael Mohib met in September 2017 at the UN General Assembly in New York City when Arian Teleheal was being awarded by the UN's Global Hope Coalition.

Arian Teleheal is a UK-based charitable trust with a team of over 100 specialist doctors providing advice to clinicians using social media or other technology systems. Doctors of Arian Teleheal provide their advice and teaching in line with the most up-to-date world-class emergency guidelines. They have provided international telemedicine work in Afghanistan and operate in conflict zones across the world.
Now a senior radiology registrar and emergency medicine doctor in the UK with multiple degrees and awards, Dr Arian spent his childhood in war-torn Afghanistan during the Soviet conflict, where each day saw new risks to his life. He then faced life-threatening illness in a refugee camp before his family sent him to safety in the UK.

Dr Waheed Arian’s groundbreaking work has received both national and international coverage, with the BBC featuring his work in a documentary. More on Dr Arian as well as links to various reports and interviews can be found here

Some of the children in our orphanages suffer from rare physical and psychological ailments which are not apparent to doctors in Kabul, and so we hope Dr Arian and his team’s expertise can fill the crucial gap and deliver the best medical aid the kids need and deserve.

We look forward to partnering with Arian Teleheal and serving the needs of the children! Thank you Dr Arian and the entire team at Arian Teleheal!

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